InDance International

Meet the Team

Led by Director Harriet Macauley, the team comprises of expert advisors and consultants within the area of business, media and performing arts.
With a passion for events and performance, the team aim to support the development of a spectacular event focused on value, strength, commitment and discipline.

Harriet Macauley Director

Harriet Macauley

Founder / Artistic Director

Experience: 10yrs



elena espejo

Elena Espejo

Event Manager

yolanda toledano indance barcelona

Yolanda Toledano Carreras

Marketing and PR

Waldemar Ramos

Photographer and Videographer

Aldana Juarez

Photographer and Videographer

Victor Pavia

technology & production

Juan F Belón Pérez

PhD Multimedia Collaborator, Game Developer

Itai Baunan

Itai Bauman

Composer, Producer, PhD MultiMedia Collaborator

Maurice Moeliker


Roger La Puente


Keyla Alterachs


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