InDance International

Meet the Team

Led by Director Harriet Macauley, the team comprises of expert advisors and consultants within the area of business, media and performing arts.
With a passion for events and performance, the team aim to support the development of a spectacular event focused on value, strength, commitment and discipline.

Harriet Macauley Director

Harriet Macauley

Founder / Artistic Director

Experience: 10yrs



alonso lobato

Alonso Lobato

Event Manager

yolanda toledano indance barcelona

Yolanda Toledano Carreras

Marketing and PR

Keyla Alterachs


Aldana Juarez

Photographer and Videographer

Itai Baunan

Itai Bauman

Composer, Producer, PhD MultiMedia Collaborator

Juan F Belón Pérez

PhD Multimedia Collaborator, Game Developer

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