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Extraordinary, IDI Dance & Tech Educational Program

We are so excited to commence InDance International, Dance & Tech supported by Generalitat de Catalunya, Department de Cultura and our international partners.

We are here support, inspire and create with communities using technology. 


Artistic Director & Choreographer Harriet Macauley

Manager Elena Espejo

Dramaturgy Valentina Temussi

Professor Sara Colomino Gimenez

Communication Yolanda Toledano Carreras

Production Victor Pavia

Photography Maurice Moeliker & Lucia Godinez

Videography Roger La Puente, Waldemar Ramos & Aldana Juarez.

COVID-19 restrictions – Health & Safety. 

We comply with the regulations issued by the competent authorities, as well as the specific instructions of the sector to protect participants and adapt to restrictions.


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